Co-creating Media Literate Youth

As part of the project «Co-Creating Media Literate Youth», Cyprus Youth Council organised between December 2020-January 2021, 10 online workshops on media literacy. The online workshops were open to youth and the general public, with subjects related to misinformation and fake news. Aim of the online workshops was to introduce young people of Cyprus, as well as the general public, to media literacy concepts and skills, such as verification tools and structural issues in media that lead to the rise of misinformation. The project also aims to develop awareness on how misinformation affects democratic processes and leads to the rise of extremism, racism, sexism and other kinds of hate speech as well as to address examples where stereotypes in certain subjects such as gender equality, climate change, LGBTQI+ rights, are wrongly promoted.

The ten online workshops (in Greek language) have been recorded and can be re-watched by all interested individuals at the Youtube Channel of the Cyprus Youth Council by clicking here .

The project «Co-Creating Media Literate Youth» is financed by the Cyprus University of Technology, under a partnership with the U.S. Embassy Cyprus, the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports of Cyprus and the E.U.’s Horizon 2020 “Co-Inform” project.

The subjects of the ten online workshops were:

  1. Journalism ethics-truth-misinformation-fake news (part a and b)

  2. Verification Tools

  3. Fake News during a pandemic

  4. “Climate change is not real” and other stories of misinformation

  5. Gender in media: stereotypes and alternative portraiture

  6. Representation of gender violence in media

  7. Misinformation and stereotypes of LGBTQI+ people in media

  8. Fake news in the world of economy

  9. Fake news and the Cyprus problem

For more information regarding the project «Co-Creating Media Literate Youth» please contact Cyprus Youth Council at or by phone at 22878316.

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